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    LIGHT offers the best in medical missionary training online. Our courses will train you with the knowledge and practical experience necessary to minister to the needs of communities and individuals physically, mentally and spiritually. Click below to learn more about both our 'Essentials' and 'Standard' courses. Both courses are available online and our 'Standard' course is additionally available on location at dozens of LIGHT affiliate schools across the globe.


    If you feel drawn to natural remedies and have a desire to know how to use them effectively as well as desiring to make natural remedies at home this course is for you! Our class is designed to teach you scientifically proven healing properties of herbs, how to create simple herbal extracts, syrups, teas, decoctions, compresses and much more...

  • Quiver full of arrows!

    We had a beautiful house, a very good car, great jobs and great salaries but unfortunately we lacked the time to take advantage of our things. "We cannot remember when we sat on the sofa in our room to rest. We were always working, working, working, trying to make more money and then spend it on good restaurant, travel and then?

  • Ted Wilson for LIGHT!

    Listen to Elder Ted Wilson promoting the Lay Institute for Global Health Training and the Medical Missionary Work worldwide!

  • Chair massage in 5 minutes!

    Following this video will allow you to properly execute a chair massage in just 5 minutes!

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